Web3 Creator Protocol

A new standard for Music Visual Art Video Games Film Collaboration

A new standard
Music Visual Art Video Games Film Collaboration

"Our mission is to accelerate the dawn of a decentralized global creator economy - where creators are free to collaborate without barriers."
Co Founder of Firebird Media

We Are For


Are you a creator?

Our protocol is built from the ground up from the individual creator’s needs.¬†

We’re building some of the coolest products and features for you. Leaving you much more time to focus on what matters – creating.

Tell us your story and let’s get in touch!

NFT projects

Are you an NFT project or small business?

Our protocol turns creativity into utility for your community. Leaving you much more time to focus on what matters – creating.

If you’re OG Cardano or a new project creating something special, we can help.

Let’s work together!


Are you in the multimedia industry looking at Web3?

Our protocol can provide varying levels of core infrastructure for your digital assets and users.

We provide custom integrations and solutions just for your needs. We love challenging problems that serve our mission.

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Genesis Tokens

The only open source music & artwork of its kind – built to be remixed, collaged, and repurposed.

Using our Stem Mixer dApp, these genesis tokens will be the first step into a collaborative creator economy.

Open Call For Submissions!

Be amongst the first to benefit from our protocol by contributing artwork, a cover song or remix of the four songs The Feather, The Golden Apple, The Anima, and The King!

Click the button below to be taken to the Genesis page to learn more!

Stem Mixer dApp

Automatic Collaborator Tool

Create together instantly.

Enforce permissions and rules automatically.

Split royalties per creator automatically.

Don't Get Left Behind

Creator autonomy made possible by blockchain.

"Thanks to the power of Cardano and in particular, the extended UTXO model, we are able to define a protocol that is both expressive and secure, enabling creators to own their works at scale."
Co Founder of Firebird Media

Our Features

Creator Portal

Be the platform, not the product.

Our protocol enables a radical shift in creator's autonomy, power, and control. This removes middlemen and enables each creator to become their own platform.

Licensing & Smart Contracts

Choose your own licenses.

With our smart contract technology, you can decide how, where, to whom, and how much to license your content for. 

Proof of Ownership

Protect your creations.

Our protocol doesn't take custody of your creations. We give you proof of ownership with an open source metadata standard and a decentralized design.

Collaborative Economy

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

You have an incredible value to offer their community. Our protocol design incentivizes collaboration with each other - unlocking the spirit of human creativity.

Reliable Payments

No more black boxes or long wait times.

Our protocol uses Cardano blockchain - the most secure and transparent payment system in the world. Feel secure that your transactions are on a tamper proof and censorship resistant database.

Track & Verify

Access key analytics and deter theft.

Our protocol can catalog, track, and verify your creations to monitor trends and help defend against damages and claims.


Q2 2023


Firebird Protocol v1 Development

Stem Mixer dApp Development

Q3 2023

Website Launched

Firebird Protocol v1 Development

Genesis Stem Tokens Minted

Stem Mixer dApp v1 Mainnet

Firebird Whitepaper v1

Q4 2023

Catalyst Fundraising

Floorless Marketplace Integration

Parnership Announcements

Q1 2024

Firebird Whitepaper v2

Tokenomics and $FBIRD Utility

Stem Mixer dApp v2 Pre Production

Q2 2024

Firebird Protocol v1 Audit

Stem Mixer dApp v2 Mainnet

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Co Founder, Media Wizard


Co Founder, Tech Wizard

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Dropshop is an agency that provides expert advice, hosting and development services to projects building on Cardano.

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